Ocean View from Brant Rock. Rock revetment in the foreground and blue ocean and light sky in the background.
Ocean View from Brant Rock
Red, white and blue flip flops on a dune fence. Sand and green trees in the background.
Flip Flops on a Dune Fence
Dark blue ocean waves with white foam pink and light blue sky.
Waves at Rexhame Beach

Democracy is not a spectator sport; the Marshfield Democratic Town Committee (MDTC) is committed to activating voters in support of a robust national, state, and local democracy. We believe that:

  • The common good matters.
  • The Constitution and the rule of law matter.
  • Diversity makes our community more vibrant and productive.

Government should work for all of us, to advance the common good. At a minimum, that includes:

  • Electing lawmakers who demonstrate integrity and allegiance to our Constitution.
  • Sharing facts that will enable voters to vote knowledgeably and to hold lawmakers accountable to their oaths of office.
  • Treating all residents with respect.
  • Advancing economic opportunity and social justice for all.
  • Advancing universal access to affordable quality healthcare and to both food and housing security.
  • Keeping our air, water, and land clean of contaminants.
  • Furthering and protecting equality, civil rights, and voting rights.

The MDTC advances these values and, in cooperation with the Democratic State Party, organizes and works for the success of Democratic candidates of the District, County, State, and Nation. We educate voters about the issues, introduce them to candidates, and mobilize Get Out The Vote (GOTV) initiatives to ensure solid turnout of Democratic voters in support of our shared long-term ideals.

Any registered Democrat is welcome to join our electoral planning and to help translate these ideals into a powerful town-wide movement.

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